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Me and Lucy

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performers: Ben Sommer, acoustic guitar
Daigo Fujiwara, double bass
Maria Sierra, flute
Geoff Chirgwin, vocals
duration: 2 min 8 sec
pages of score: 24
recorded at: Lake Warner Studios, Hadley, Massachusetts
mixed at: Lake Warner Studios, Hadley, Massachusetts
mastered at: Broad Marsh River Studios, Wareham, Massachusetts
I went to marry Cindy Sherman,
But I couldn't find out who she was
So I went instead to an agent who said,
"I've got some viragoes."
He told me let's do lunch
And that's when he uttered her beautiful name,
"Lucy Lawless."

She used to go by Lucille Francis Ryan
Until with Garth she tied the knot.
But when they scrapped their marriage it was too late
Her stage name was already "hot."
Now I've got a date with her
And there ain't much more to possess

Me and Lucy
Tanning leather,
Polishing armor.
That's how we'll be,
Me and Lucy.

We had dinner and saw a movie
And went for a long walk.
She said she understood the arrangement,
So I started in with my talk,
"Will you marry me?"
And that's when she uttered those beautiful words,
"Yes, I'll marry you."

And so we headed off to Las Vegas,
And stopped in at the nearest marriage joint.
And as we wait in line at the chapel,
Life begins to have a point
Now I'm gonna marry her
And there ain't much more to possess

Me and Lucy
Mending chain mail,
Roasting wild boar.
That's how we'll be,
Me and Lucy.

Me and Lucy Lawless
Will grow old and gray.
I know that she's not flawless,
But to me that's OK.

She had some leather on,
I don't remember much else.
All songs written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Geoff Chirgwin All material (C) and (P) 2002 Geoff Chirgwin.  All for-profit rights reserved.