the word free on an old snow-covered chevy malibu meatmachine: cog in a steak

(Ghost of) Fusion Bob

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performers: Ben Sommer, lead guitar
Geoff Chirgwin, fraudulent garage band (vocals, drums, guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer sequencing)
duration: 3 min 4 sec
pages of score: 27
recorded at: Whitehorse Studios, Manomet, Massachusetts
Charlie's Cabin Studios, Mount Desert Island, Maine<
mixed at: Charlie's Cabin Studios, Mount Desert Island, Maine
mastered at: Broad Marsh River Studios, Wareham, Massachusetts
I think I heard somethin' on the front porch
Must be the ghost of Fusion Bob
I think I'll go offer him some coffee
You know how he likes to hobnob

Well the season's gettin' cold and it sure is blowin' hard
so I offer him to come on inside
He whips out his fretless Stratocaster
And belts out an old favorite lied

Once upon a time he was a metal head
and listen'd to nothin' much lighter than Gwar!
But now he rejects metal and punk with repugnance
or any thing much heavier than Al Di Meola

Anyway he's sure got some hipster ghost skills
he can change his face just like Audra Wolfmann
Now Bob puts his silky smooth guitar down
and launches in to a tirade about Jan (Hammer, that is)
All songs written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Geoff Chirgwin All material (C) and (P) 2002 Geoff Chirgwin.  All for-profit rights reserved.