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Darling, Sunshine

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performers: Geoff Chirgwin, everything (classical, steel string acoustic, and electric guitars, vocals)
duration: 1 min 12 sec
pages of score: 7
recorded at: Lake Warner Studios, Hadley, Massachusetts
mixed at: Lake Warner Studios, Hadley, Massachusetts
mastered at: Broad Marsh River Studios, Wareham, Massachusetts
Well, sure, you've got nice hair and teeth,
But I know about the feminine dryness
You might be ignorant and arrogant
But you don't have a problem with shyness

I changed my name to Sunshine
So I could sell things on the phone
Then I got into broadcasting
After I lost my Midwestern accent
And I had my chin done

Well, sure, you got nice nails and legs,
But I know your left breast is bigger than the right one
You might be smart as a box o' rocks,
But you sure do get plenty of sun

I wanted to have a baby
But I couldn't imagine getting
That fat so I got myself a divorce
And now I'm sucking and blackmailing
My way up to a nation al anchor spot

O, darling, you cannot smile when you
talk about an aeroplane crash.
You really annoy me
But I still want to fuck you.

All songs written, arranged, produced, mixed, and mastered by Geoff Chirgwin All material (C) and (P) 2002 Geoff Chirgwin.  All for-profit rights reserved.